Bless Your Pastor is creating a wave of blessing throughout the country. Engage with the news below! For media inquiries, or to arrange interviews, please contact [email protected].

This one sheet document explains everything you need to know about the Bless Your Pastor generosity campaign from the National Association of Evangelicals. It is an opportunity for church congregations to find creative ways to care for their shepherds. Download the one sheet PDF to learn more.


This media fact sheet provides facts and stats about pastoral finances in the United States, answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the campaign and much more.

Brian Kluth is the national director of NAE Financial Health, an initiative of the National Association of Evangelicals to provide solutions for pastors and churches facing economic challenges. Download the full biography to learn more about Brian and his work.

Research released from the National Association of Evangelicals shows that the majority of evangelical pastors in the United States serve in small churches with significant personal financial challenges. Pastors also report that they are not familiar with resources to help them and do not confide in anyone outside their household about financial stress.

This 50 Ways list is available in several formats, including versions to “Bless Your Pastor” and “Bless Your Pastor & Staff.” As part of the campaign, churches will distribute this list to their members encouraging them to discover creative ways to bless their pastors.

This article, published in the 2019 Spring/Summer issue of Evangelicals magazine, shares surprising statistics. Did you know that most pastors have advanced degrees and work 50 to 60 hours each week caring for their congregation? Unfortunately, most Christians are not aware that their pastors and church staffs may not be paid well.