You see your pastor and church staff working tirelessly to bless you and others.

Now it’s time to bless them!

Bless Your Pastor is ready to partner with your church today!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

These three steps are also described in this PDF (English/Spanish).

Step 1

Share the list of 50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor with your congregation, so everyone can be a blessing to your pastor.

Download 50 Ways List

Step 2

Take up an Appreciation Offering for your pastor. Imagine your pastor’s face when receiving an unexpected financial gift from the church body.

Appreciation Offering

Step 3

Celebrate your pastor by collecting notes, praying for them in the church service, planning an appreciation meal, and/or other ways of celebrating that your pastor would appreciate.


Final Step: Special Bonus!

For participating churches that complete all of the Easy as 1-2-3 Steps, we will email your senior pastor a link to a special webpage that will provide a $350 scholarship application to attend a Family Life Marriage Retreat — plus additional vacation and retreat opportunities across America for pastors. Fill out the Bless Your Pastor form below.

Bless Your Pastor Form

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What is this all about?

Across America and the world, pastors and their spouses faithfully serve and love the people in their congregations. Yet, our research shows that most pastor families face significant financial challenges.

The financial stress that many pastors face can be greatly alleviated when church leadership teams and families discover there are many creative ways to show and share God’s love for their pastors beyond the paycheck.

The Bless Your Pastor initiative is an opportunity for your church to take seriously the call to care for your pastor.

“The one who receives instruction in the Word should share all good things with their instructor.”

Galatians 6:6


“My pastor works mainly on the weekends.”


Most pastors work 50 to 60 hours or more each week.


“My pastor is well compensated by our church.”


48% of pastors make less than $60k per year.


“My pastor has a full benefits package.”


60% of pastors receive no retirement, healthcare or other benefits from their churches.


“Churches have lots of money.”


50% of churches have annual budgets under $125,000.


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