State of the Plate was started in 2010 by Brian Kluth in partnership with Christianity Today to measure the impact of the recession on church giving and generosity practices. State of the Plate was an annual, constituency-based survey collected from 2010–2016. After churches stopped meeting in person due to COVID-19 shutdowns, a new State of the Plate poll was taken in April 2020 to measure the financial and giving impact of the shutdowns. We conducted a follow-up State of the Plate poll from August 7-30, 2020, to continue measuring the impact of the shutdowns.

This August 2020 State of the Plate poll is a constituency-based survey from 1,076 churches, published by the National Association of Evangelicals in partnership with Christianity Today. The issues of pastor care are particularly relevant to the NAE’s Bless Your Pastor initiative, which is designed to encourage and equip churches and Christians to better care for their pastors and staff.

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