We’re glad your business is interested in the Bless Your Pastor movement! This campaign is designed to empower Christians and churches to show and share God’s love for their pastors and church staff. It’s easy to spark excitement for the campaign with the resources below.

To schedule an interview with Brian Kluth for an article, podcast or webinar, email [email protected]. To promote the Bless Your Pastor movement with your own custom BlessYourPastor.org URL and popup window, email [email protected].

Bless Your Pastor Toolkit for Partners

Your guide to FREE print, digital and video resources:

Over 50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor and Staff

The 50 Ways list is at the center of the Bless Your Pastor movement and one of the main tools you can use to encourage Christians you reach and serve to bless their shepherds. Feel free to share any of the following versions online, in newsletters or on social media.




Bless Your Pastor info sheet

This quick info sheet explains the purpose of the campaign and a good overview of its goals. This would be helpful to share with others in your organization who want to understand what Bless Your Pastor is all about.

Bless Your Pastor branding and logo files

This Dropbox folder includes a variety of formats of the Bless Your Pastor logo. You are welcome to add your organization’s logo and/or name to the Bless Your Pastor logo. For your reference, the colors used in Bless Your Pastor branding are:

Blue: CMYK – 100/78/0/18; RGB – 29/66/138; HEX #1D428A
Green: CMYK – 46/0/90/0; RGB – 151/215/0; HEX #97D700

E-newsletter graphic

We encourage you to share Bless Your Pastor to your email list. We’ve provide a sample graphic and text:

[Organization] Joins the Bless Your Pastor Campaign to Show and Share God’s Love to Pastors

Bless Your Pastor is a national generosity movement from the National Association of Evangelicals that empowers American Christians to creatively care for their pastors and church staff. Many pastors and their families follow God’s call on their lives to serve the Lord and their churches, but often these leaders sacrifice financial stability and time to serve their congregations. Scripture teaches us to share all good things the Lord has given us with our godly instructors. By being a part of this movement, [Organization] can help encourage people to relieve some of the pressures pastors feel and disciple Christians to develop the type of generous living that leads to transformed hearts and generous spirits. Bless Your Pastor provides fun, easy, family friendly and uplifting ways to care for our godly leaders. For FREE Bless Your Pastor materials for Christians and churches, go to: BlessYourPastor.org.

Social media toolkit

This toolkit includes downloadable logos, social cards, sample posts, graphics and Scripture verses so that you can create excitement for the Bless Your Pastor initiative through social media. Feel free to add your own Bless Your Pastor custom URL to any posts.

Magazine advertisement

The sample magazine ad was created for an 8” x 10-7/8” publication. Feel free to adjust this ad to your needs. Contact us at [email protected] if we can help you format this for your publication. You can also add your Bless Your Pastor custom url link to this ad.

Brian Kluth, national spokesperson of Bless Your Pastor

Brian Kluth is available for print, online, radio, podcast and TV interviews, as well as speaking engagements or webinars. He regularly travels across the country to speak at denominational,
pastor, church and leadership events on pastor finances and church generosity. Brian is a pastor, inspirational and experienced public speaker, bestselling author, and seasoned radio and TV guest.

Media fact sheet

The Bless Your Pastor media sheet includes facts and stats about pastors in the U.S., as well as FAQs about the campaign.

News release

Your organization can use this press release to share about your involvement with the Bless Your Pastor campaign.