Imagine your pastor’s face when receiving an unexpected financial gift from the church body!

Some churches announce plans to collect an appreciation offering at the same time as they distribute the list of 50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor. Your pastor could never ask for this offering, but with approval, the lay leaders and members of your church can plan this effort.

Below you’ll find resources to help your church leadership team collect an appreciation offering for your pastor (and church staff, if you prefer). We’ve included some sample letters/emails that may be helpful as you communicate with your congregation. We’ve also provided offering envelope tips, tax details and an appreciation offering chart spreadsheet.

After you have distributed the 50 Creative Ways list and collected an appreciation offering, don’t forget to let us know! We will send a $250 Amazon gift card (thanks to a generous grant!) to your senior pastor as an additional blessing. Step 3 | Complete the Gift Card Form >>

Template Letters/Emails from Your Church Leaders to Your Church
Bless Your Pastor letter template
Bless Your Pastor email template
Bless Your Pastor and Church Staff letter template
Bless Your Pastor and Church Staff email template
Bless Your Pastor letter template in Spanish

Appreciation Offering Information
Offering envelope tips and tax information
Appreciation Offering chart spreadsheet